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Network Proposals

Company website with a log in for internal users

  • The server can be virtual or physical, e.g. located in a closet
  • A physical server could run $1,000 - $2,000
  • A dedicated IP address and internet line for a physical server could run $1,500 for set up and installation with a $70 to $300 monthly fee
  • A physical server will need electricity and cooling 24/7
  • Virtual servers in the cloud have little set up or hardware requirements and can run from $30 - $100 per month
  • Development can take 80 - 120 hours at $100 per hour ($8,000 - $12,000)
  • Upgrades and maintenance costs will vary depending on the scope
  • Both are scalable for multiple users
  • Original diagram is here.

    Collaborate using existing cloud software

  • A free solution could incorporate Microsoft OneDrive or Google accounts
  • Create Google accounts for each member of the organization
  • Google users can share and edit documents privately with each other
  • One Google account could be an administrator and store files on the associated Drive
  • The administrator can choose which users will have access to documents on the Drive
  • Users can share a Google calendar
  • Users can create single use websites to be shared with the world or just internally
  • No software development cost other than outside consulting
  • Static website development for will be 18 to 24 hours at $100 per hour ($1,800 - $2,400)
  • The monthly website hosting cost could be $20 - $40 per month
  • Upgrades and maintenance costs will vary depending on the scope
  • Unlimited number of users
  • You can build your own website for using sites like Wix, SquareSpace or SiteGround.

    Original diagram is here.

  • Off the Shelf VPN Products

    A VPN promises the security of a closed system; however an HTTPS website with a log in should accomplish the same thing.
    Setting up a VPN is outside the scope of Data Forge Exchange but below are informational links

  • HTTPS vs VPN
  • What is a VPN
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